Glittering braves by xtra

Glittering braves


Stars of the night skies with the soul’s of the brave minds

You stay bright in far heights glittering with smiles of dim lights

Wondering why with foolishness generations have appreciated

But with patience, spirit of leadership, content and braveness have depreciated.

It is not far fetched from the wells of deep thoughts

Where buckets fetch out the faces of disgusts.


Like the hungry locusts of the north they consult,

Becoming fat with the misery of selfishness and insults.

Oh! Beautiful stars how more bright can you shine?

How much longer would you give the dark ages?

It touches my soul deeply when I hear you cry

In the early hours of the morning, making me to ask why?

But still you bless the earth with your silver lined tears

Making the foolish ones ignore and say “it’s the morning tears”.

With the beauty of your glitters I appreciate with sincere swears

Because you still watch over pure hearts with no despairs

But, grieves me that everyday my brave stars gradually disappear

Disappear not because my brave stars are no longer brave

But because even some they save are not been brave.

They join in dancing to the gallivanting rhythm of dishonor

Struggling for the rusted crowns they receive with honor

Forgetting the humble homes their once just hearts sprouted from.


Oh stars of the blue skies in the heights of the nights

Please listen to the pleas of thy holy ones and shine on

With greater mights like the brave warriors you once were.


By sAMMy.


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