POEM- We were in love but now its over

We met we knew we kissed we hugged, they were all so jealous as to why we were so in love.
Even when our problems were great and our good things were few, every day seemed brighter because i knew i had you.
A relationship so perfect it was like a dream, i felt so much euphoria i always wanted to scream.
Though we hung out early and stayed out late,the day was always full of fun with you as my date.
Now i don’t know if i loved you too little or too much, but you left me with just the thoughts of your touch.
You said we dated for too long and moved too fast, but i feel great things were meant to last.
I know atimes it was hard and sometimes rough, but we were meant to work on things and not you saying you’ve had enough.
I know there was someone else even if you said there was not, i saw the guy and i admit it he was hot.
But what we had was special- to be treasured, there are no scales with which our love could be measured.
I would have always been there and do anything for you, but you said i was too clingy and sticky like glue.
I just wanted to use this poem to express my pain, and to tell you that there is always sunshine after the rain.
So Arverderci, au re·voir and goodbye my dear, the phase of you in my life is over—i won’t shed another tear.


One thought on “POEM- We were in love but now its over

  1. Nice. I wrote something similar too:

    I oft wondered which step I missed
    How I came to get you pissed
    when on the past times I reminisce
    And remember the past moments of bliss
    Now I cannot fathom the coldness
    As substitute for fondness
    And the accusations
    Rooted in unfounded suspicions
    Now it all seem a lie
    What once was good to the eye
    Although I feel like a wet rag
    About my pains I’ll never nag
    Que serai serai is all I say
    And hope for a better day

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